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Complaints Policy

C3 Computers Ltd are committed to providing the highest level of service to all our clients, but when something on the rare occasion goes wrong, and sometimes things do we need you to tell us about it. This will help us to improve our standards and ensure that we provide you with the service to which you are entitled.

What will happen next?

1: If you have a complaint or wish to report any form of abuse, firstly please contact C3 directly via your designated account manager or by using our get in touch section here.

Alternatively, you can also write to us at:

C3 Computers Ltd, Units 4A-4B, 1 Loves Hill, Castledawson Road, Magherafelt, BT458DP

2: The matter will be acknowledged within two working days and referred immediately to the most appropriate member of the team to investigate your complaint thoroughly and provide the earliest and most appropriate possible resolution.

3: If you do not receive a satisfactory response in the first instance, please address the complaint to the C3 Service Desk Manager who will review the matter and report back within two working days.

4: If you are still not satisfied with the response from the Service Desk Manager, you can escalate the complaint to the C3 Managing Director who will make an initial response within two working days. We will then thoroughly investigate your complaint and respond within 3 working days along with the intention to bring the matter to a final resolution within 14 working days.

Your complaint will also be kept on file for a duration of up to five years to enable us to monitor the number, type and resolution to the complaints we receive.

How Can We Help Your Business?

We help businesses save time and money by identifying problem areas and unnecessary expenditure, ensuring that your IT systems are more efficient, secure and increase productivity, supporting your business success.