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Uncompromising and discreet two-factor authentication

Balance your user needs against your security policies with C3’s foolproof two-factor authentication solution. Our 2FA package provides authorised-users access while blocking untrusted endpoints instantly.

The explosion in mobility means that you now have to consider all manner of access when assessing your security risks. The unstoppable advance in cloud, mobility and BYOD creates a demand for frictionless, secure access. Remove the tension between your users’ accessibility needs and your security concerns by engaging C3 to install reliable two-factor authentication software across your network.

We partner with the industry-leading access security company Duo to provide you with the key to your safe gatekeeping. Duo provides straightforward access to cloud and on-premises apps without frustrating VPNs or MDM. Duo's impressive software takes a zero-trust approach that satisfies all parties.

C3 will survey your business needs and implement Duo 2FA on your network without any interruption to your company activities. As a cloud-based solution, the system requires virtually no installation making deployment easy and trouble free.

C3’s two-factor authentication solution follows two simple steps: Initially, a user attempting to access an application must confirm their identity via contextual user-access policies. Duo instantly assesses this verification and declines entry to those who fail to prove their identity. If the validity of the user is verified, then the software runs an immediate security health check on the user’s device and denies the connection if the set criteria is not met.

Our two factor authentication dramatically improves your security hygiene and offers set hierarchical controls to limit exposure of your network. C3 offers in-house training to get your IT team up to speed with all functionality and can guide you every step of the way.

We’re delighted to be able to offer you this recognised and respected product. Gain total security control through every minute of the day whilst removing the friction from your users’ accessibility needs. Call us today to discuss your access challenges.

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