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Backup and disaster recovery that you can rely on

Even with the best threat protection, there’s always a chance of an attack getting through or a disaster occurring. Protect your business from the devastating consequences with C3’s Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions.

In a landscape of ever-more sophisticated attacks, coupled with the threat of a hardware failure or natural disaster occurring, your business needs protection against financial and data loss. C3 fortifies systems to protect your trading continuity should the worst happen.

Our first-class suite of solutions is built with you in mind. We’ll work with you to identify your business vulnerabilities, provide coverage to weak areas with intelligent software, and strengthen your protection against criminals and unexpected events.

C3 partners with leading backup and disaster recovery vendors such as Acronis, Veeam and Datto. Cyber attacks are devastating and leave damaged brands and reduced cashflow in their wake. We have protected all of our BDR clients from such wreckage and our fully trained and accredited technicians will be able to provide you with equal peace of mind.

Our layered approach puts your business front and centre of our recommendations. We’ll assess your business to identify the right suite of standalone backup solutions and practices to ensure that you’ll comfortably survive the impact of an attack or disaster that may occur.

Our security audits form a fundamental part of the process and we’ll look at your current policies and practices to suggest the simple changes that make a big difference. We’ll advise you on the best practical measures and provide you with a plan to get back on your feet quickly should an attack get through.

With C3’s expert protection, you’ll survive anything safe in the knowledge that your data and recovery plans are in hand.

We’ll be there for you through the full cycle of disaster recovery planning. Take a pick-and-mix approach to the level of support that you receive from C3. We can perform security audits, provide policy and practice guidance, install and manage critical software on your behalf or offer expert advice so that your in-house team can manage your BDR programme.

If your business has suffered an attack, we have the expertise to calmly and efficiently get you through and remove delays to trading. You can depend on us when you need us most.

How Can We Help Your Business?

We help businesses save time and money by identifying problem areas and unnecessary expenditure, ensuring that your IT systems are more efficient, secure and increase productivity, supporting your business success.