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The most powerful threat intelligence in the world

Cyber-criminals will stop at nothing to exploit your vulnerabilities. Leverage the most powerful threat intelligence platform available with C3’s endpoint security solution.

C3 partners with the Webroot® threat intelligence platform, to provide you with superior anti-virus protection. This intelligent cloud-based programme classifies and scores 95% of the internet 3 times per day. By consuming and defining such vast amounts of data, the software detects threats by identifying hazardous behaviour, long before it affects your systems. C3’s endpoint security solution operates with 100% efficacy over a 24 hour period (independently verified by MRG Effitas) and even rapidly identifies never-seen-before dangers.

With over ten years of experience, Webroot® is an authoritative and trustworthy tool that will provide your organisation with the information that it needs to stay protected. We are proud to offer you this outstanding product.

As a trusted partner of Webroot, C3 is certified to assess your needs, professionally install the programme, and provide ongoing support as necessary.

Investing in Webroot® will protect your business against multi-vector threats. Webroot® has no known conflicts and is installed easily and quickly. Once installed, you’ll be safeguarded across emails, browsers, files, URLs, ads and apps, all in real time. The programme scans in seconds, carries no bulky updates and allows you to control your security from anywhere in the world with an optimised online management console.

By choosing C3 to take care of your endpoint security needs, you’ll be benefitting from over a decade of deep learning intelligence. This, coupled with C3’s excellent client services, guarantees a seamless security management programme for your organisation.

For a zero-tolerance approach to your threat prevention and alert system, call C3 today.

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