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May 10 10:37 AM

The background

Genesis is highly prominent in the UK food sector, producing thousands of popular foods for the major supermarkets. The multi-million-pound enterprise‘s increasing business demands meant that they needed a new comms system to keep pace. Their existing phone system was hampered by patchy mobile signal and lacked functionality. Additionally, the team wanted remote-working facilities.

Meeting the challenge

We provided an Internet-based phone system, immediately solving the issues caused by intermittent signal and lack of accessibility for staff in the field. 3CX Pro software rapidly streamlined all of their communications and also offered lots of workflow-enhancing features straight out of the box, such as video conferencing, remote-working functions and a chat facility.

To avoid operational disruption, we installed this whole package on a flexible schedule, working out-of-hours and changing the project timeline to suit the evolving priorities of the business.

C3’s solutions at a glance

  • 3CX Professional Edition
  • VoIP gateway
  • Software licensed for 32 simultaneous calls
  • IP based communications coverage
  • A single simple yearly maintenance fee
  • Greater security
  • App base calling

The result

Genesis' day-to-day communication challenges were solved, and their new equipment eliminated performance issues. We removed the need for Genesis to purchase additional hardware by using server virtualisation, and the 3CX Pro Edition software provides them with an incredibly cost-effective solution. The team now enjoys a feature-rich, inexpensive and scalable phone system that can grow with the business.

C3 Computers manages and administers the 3CX communication platform as part of Genesis' Fully Managed IT support package. Whatever crops up, we’ll be there.

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