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Reliable and automated encryption

Protect yourself with C3’s world-leading encryption solution, from archives to databases and spreadsheets. Your ability to function is tied up in your digital data – it’s worth taking care of.

C3 works with world-leading encryption experts, Becrypt, to provide our clients with the very best data protection available. Disk Protect streamlines data protection making it easy for small and medium sized companies to stay in line with industry and government regulation.

The software ensures that your business benefits from full encryption to protect the data that you hold on your servers, laptops and tablets. Your hard drives will be completely encrypted, rendering your information unreadable to those without authorised access. The operation is automated, enabling your team to continue with their projects as the software works invisibly in the background 24/7.

C3’s encryption solution is also effective for removable media such as Firewire, USB devices, SD cards and other storage devices.

Disk Protect operates with no disruption to business activities. After installation and the completion of any necessary training for your IT team, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your data-at-rest is protected from theft or loss.

Our solution is designed to enable security-conscious organisations to work confidently on the move or in the office. We’ll install the software for you and also offer ongoing support and training if required. Disk Protect is FIPS 140-2 accredited and is compatible with a range of devices and operating systems. Whatever your business size and whatever your mobility needs, our encryption protection will work for you.

* FIPS 140-2 accredited

* Installation to Windows 10, 7 and 8

* BIOS and UEFI from a single installer

* Single sign-on

* Secure hibernation

* Secure wipe for decommissioning

* Removable media protection

* Multiple users per device

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