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Sep 04 4:12 AM

The background

The Semple family, owners of Derry Duff Farm, are passionate about advancing dairy farming through technology. They knew that their eight-year-old IT system needed a refresh and seized the opportunity to embrace IT to improve herd genetics, feeding and housing.

Generally, the farm’s PCs were slow, and network coverage was patchy, providing no WiFi at all to some areas. They also wanted to improve their IT security and system reliability to decrease their risk of costly downtime. Lastly, their BT e-mail account was constantly filled with spam.

The IT refresh coincided with the introduction of new milking system software, so couldn’t have come at a better time.

Meeting the challenge

A brand-new communications cabinet was the first installation, to ensure strong and reliable network service across the farm. We established a secure platform for all web-based activities and migrated the old BT account to Microsoft’s Office 365 suite for improved connectivity, flexibility and capacity. All important files were migrated to Microsoft OneDrive, making them instantly accessible across all devices. These communication-boosting actions incurred zero data loss for the farm.

We also swapped their existing slow and old PCs for high-performance Dell Optiplex 7060 series PC’s with ergonomic monitors, all supplied with battery packs and surge protection to guard against power failures. A Dell Optiplex, 7060 series PC, running Windows 10 Pro was also installed to act as the primary host for the planned Afifarm milking software. Our final action was to implement our 3-Layer Security Solution to provide maximum reinforcement to the farm’s email system, web-based activities and file access.

C3 completed all works on time, and we ensured that our installations had minimal impact on business operations, with all cows milked on time!

C3’s Solutions at a glance

  • Dell Optiplex 7000 series PC’s
  • Windows 10 Professional
  • Microsoft Office 2019
  • Ergonomic monitors
  • UPS Backup and surge protection for every PC
  • Structured Cabling
  • DrayTek Firewall / Access points and Cisco network switching.
  • Microsoft 2F
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Webroot Endpoint Security

The Result

The farm reports that they see a clear increase in speeds and that they are free of the network glitches that plagued them before. Our 3-Layer Security Solution puts their minds at ease regarding attacks or data loss, which equals happy farmers, and consequently happy cows!

Communication is now exceptional across all devices and the entire farm. The use of OneDrive gives the team the ability to see their files at any time, from anywhere, even from their tractors.

Derry Duff Farm’s system is fully managed by C3. We’ll be available to help the farm in the event of an issue, no matter how small or complex – a crucial service to a business that works around the clock.

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