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5 Signs You Should Outsource Your IT in 2021

Jan 11 9:12 AM

From a one-person operation to an SME it pays to take IT and technology seriously. If you're experiencing any of these signs below, it could be time to outsource your IT services.

1. You are looking for ways to reduce costs

    Training and maintaining an in-house IT department can be costly. Especially if your business IT needs rise and fall, meaning there might not always be enough work for a dedicated person or department. Added to this are costs for recruitment, holiday cover, desk space, additional company benefits and on-going training to keep their skills up to date.

    Outsourcing your IT to a dedicated provider brings you access to highly skilled IT experts at a fraction of the cost.

    2. You want to stay competitive in your industry

      If you try to implement and maintain all of your IT on top of your normal job, often you will have to dedicate substantially more time to research, development, and implementation. This can result in two problems: higher costs and more time. This can affect your competitiveness by having to increase your prices or it taking longer to bring new products/services to the market.

      An outsourced IT support provider will have a range of partnerships and accreditations with industry-leading technology partners. A solution will be proposed based on your needs with no need for you to spend time researching.

      3. You worry about losing data due to cyber attacks

        Cybercrime shows no sign of slowing down in 2021. Small businesses, in particular, are targeted as hackers assume they do not have effective security measures in place and don't have the same cybersecurity awareness training as bigger companies.

        IT providers work with multiple clients therefore needing to keep up on industry best practices and new developments. This kind of knowledge and experience dramatically reduces your risk of a successful cyber attack.

        4. You want to remain focused on core business

          Dividing your attention between core business functions and IT related concerns can limit the performance of your company. Outsourcing your IT allows employees to stay focused on what they are skilled at, trained for, and paid to do.

          Often companies choose to outsource their IT support just for the peace of mind - knowing they are able to focus on running their business rather than managing technology.

          5. You experience downtime due to technology failing

            Technology is always moving and becoming increasingly complex, if you are not sure what to do during a system failure then your business could face some serious downtime.

            Your dedicated outsourced IT provider will be constantly monitoring the availability, performance, and overall health of your infrastructure. This means you can use this additional time and resource to focus on your own responsibilities.

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