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Dec 08 1:47 PM

Shopping Online in 2020

While you’re looking for the best deals on your holiday shopping, hackers are looking for ways to scam you any way they can.

This year is an even bigger opportunity for cyber attackers as they know more people will be shopping online than usual. As well as this being a new phenomenon for some people who do not usually shop online.

Follow these tips to stay safe

1. Keep your device updated

Make sure to check for updates on all your devices. This helps ensure the latest security patches are installed.

2. Only use trusted Wi-Fi connections

Beware of public Wi-Fi especially connections which do not require a password. While these may be tempting to use they can leave your device vulnerable to malicious activity.

3. Change any outdated or simple passwords

Taking time to do this can be really valuable, make sure to change them something unique and obscure.

4. Be suspicious of courier messages

Check the status of your order directly on the website that you got it from, if hackers are monitoring your email the message may seem legitimate.

5. Shop on websites you know

Pay close attention to the websites that you order from. Only shop on websites that you trust, or you can research the website on review websites and on social media.

C3 Can Help

Remember these simple tips when shopping online and always stay sceptical to protect your data.

At C3 we work with industry leading cybersecurity partners to offer our clients the best protection from potential attacks.

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Written by

Tessa Ferguson

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