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Jul 27 10:59 AM

Two-factor authentication (2FA), also called multi-factor authentication, has seen a rise in adoption as cybercrime is on the rise and constantly evolving. Two-factor isn’t new, and it definitely isn’t going away anytime soon - it is nearly impossible to be without 2FA in this day and age, but why does it matter? Some of us use it every day but don’t know what 2FA is or how it works.

2FA is an extra layer of security. Logins need not only a password and username but also something only the user will have access to. Authenticating your identity was traditionally completed in the form of a ‘strong’ password, passphrase, PIN or pre-set security question(s) – but 90% of passwords are vulnerable to hacking because users can’t remember them

This is why services ask users for an extra ‘piece of information’ before allowing access to an account – 2FA. By adding another layer of authentication, even if your password is stolen, accessing your accounts and services suddenly becomes a lot more difficult for would-be attackers. Nothing is ever impossible, but by applying a secondary authentication factor, the task becomes so much harder that it will protect most accounts from hackers.

A ‘second factor’ is used by most online services – do you receive a code received by SMS? Maybe you use push-based app authentication? Did your company provide you with a USB token? Which factor a company or service uses will depend on the type of business, what information is being secured and the needs of its users. Using 2FA brings much extra security with relatively little pain for users and, usually with no added expense – 2FA has now become the norm, with the likes of Google and Microsoft providing 2FA applications for free.

Does your business need 2FA?

It is critical all email, and cloud-based accounts have 2FA. Don’t leave you or your business wide open; imagine your account(s) are hacked, what damage both financially and reputationally are you willing to risk?

Leave it to experts - Remove the tension between your users’ accessibility needs and your security concerns with C3’s foolproof two-factor authentication solution. At C3 we make 2FA uncompromising and discreet. Our 2FA package provides authorised-users access while blocking untrusted endpoints instantly.

C3 makes 2FA easy and trouble-free, and a seamless fit to any cybersecurity plan. Get in touch and let us protect you from unwanted attention.

Written by

Patrick Cassidy

Managing Director

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