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Should we bother with 2 Factor Authentication?

Sep 30 7:21 AM

In short... yes! 2 factor authentication is cybersecurity 101. Every business, no matter what size or industry should prioritise 2 factor authentication to protect themselves against malicious attacks.

What is 2 Factor Authentication?

Put simply, 2 factor authentication, commonly referred to as 2FA, relies on a user providing their password as normal and also a second factor when logging in to specific applications. With the use of 2FA apps such as, Microsoft Authenticator, Duo, Google Authenticator this process has never been easier.

With 2FA enabled an attack will be prevented even if a password is compromised. This extra layer of security could mean the difference between keeping your intellectual property and sensitive data protected or being exploited.

Is It Really Necessary?

Cyber attacks are on the increase. The UK government revealed that in 2019 almost half of businesses reported suffering cyber breaches or attacks in the last 12 months. With these attacks growing in sophistication and users recycling passwords, the need for 2FA is greater than ever.

A breach could occur through phishing emails, resulting in a hacker applying forwarding rules to themselves and choosing the perfect time to intercept an email or gaining trust with a user to provide their log in details giving them access to your accounting system. These are only a few examples, attacks can take many different forms.

These breaches mean you lose control of the data your business holds. It will also likely result in financial loss and not to mention the irredeemable damage to the confidence and trust your customers have.

C3 Can Help

A review of your network and applications means we can advise on where we can configure 2FA. We will work with you to establish what needs protected and assist in implementation and training on how to use it.

To protect your business, your customers and your reputation, get in touch below.

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Written by

Tessa Ferguson

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